Anaya's Blog

Hello and welcome to Anaya's Blog.  My name is Jakki and I am a co-founder of ANAYA.  I am so excited to be starting this blog, I have no idea what I am doing but it feels like fun and a good way to start the New Year....

What's it all about?

This is where I hope to share with you topics on skin, hair and well-being and anything else that comes to mind.  It will be my voice and my views based on my experiences and research which may not always be as accurate as I would like (the internet drives me crazy with the contradictions and misinformation) so please, please do your own research.


I would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas with me, especially for new products you would like to see from ANAYA and also your views on anything I have posted on the blog or that you would like me to talk about.


My aim is to post a piece each month but I have 3 kids, a busy life (as do we all) and drama around every corner, or, maybe I'm just a drama queen! .... you see where I am going with this?

Why bother?

I think 'sharing is caring' and I would love to share something with you that positively impacts your life whether it be tips on how to banish flaky skin forever, to the best scents to boost brain power or even how to make my Grandmother's amazing fishcakes (works for my well-being every  My personal experience has been that every once in a while someone has shared something with me that changed my life….for the better!  My kids think I talk too much, to anyone about anything….I admit they are right but I love to talk, I love the humour, the hand gestures, the facial expressions and the connection.  It has been during those unexpected conversations that I have learnt so much and have been shaped into the person I am today so …. here's to good conversations and to shaping our lives for the better!