Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Hi Everyone, hope you are well ….

Recently we were attempting to make a video showing me using one of our Shea butter blends on my skin.  I was using my leg and smoothing the butter on and it was just not looking great which was crazy because my skin always looks good after applying Shea butter.  Anyway, we couldn’t use the video and my daughter basically said to me “Mum what do you expect, when was the last time you exfoliated?”

I admit, I was a little offended but when I stopped and thought about it, I couldn’t actually remember when the last time was …. Lol

I rushed upstairs and got rid of the dead skin, went back down for the video, applied the body butter and my skin was glowing on the other side of the lens. It was almost instant!  Later I realised that it was really during the autumn and winter months that I had neglected the dead skin which was why it was so bad and … I can’t believe I am telling you this!  The good news is, it made me think about my skincare and how I could incorporate exfoliation more regularly and not just on my legs but on my face, neck and everywhere else so I thought I would share with you why it is so important to get rid of that dead skin!

There are two types of exfoliation, physical and chemical.  I’ll start with physical which is abrasive but gentle and smooths and refines your skin.  For this you could use a cleansing brush, sponge, towel or facial scrub.  I tend to use the scrubs on my face and a natural exfoliating mitten and or, to get to my back, a strap cause I seriously bend myself up trying to reach and I don't have time for that ….  

Most facial scrubs are made with biodegradable microbeads or sugar to loosen the dead cells.  You should notice a definite difference to your skin afterwards, mine is always glowing and it looks brighter and healthier.  The exfoliating motion also stimulates circulation which is one of the reasons my face glows afterwards. 


If you are not used to exfoliating, I would recommend starting off with once a week and then working up to no more than 3 times per week if your skin can handle it.  More than that might be too much and you could end up doing more harm than good.  It could also potentially cause your skin to become thinner which would reduce its protective factor and we don't want that!  When you are finished washing the product off your skin, pat dry and apply your favourite moisturiser, I of course use Shea Butter!

I have never actually used a chemical exfoliator before but they have the same benefits as the physical ones just depends on your preference, you might even use a combination of the two.  As well as the benefits already mentioned, exfoliating will soften rough dry skin, draw out impurities, help to clear skin clogs and free in-growing hairs!  Not bad at all.

Chemical exfoliators normally contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid or fruit enzymes to raise the dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover.  They come in peel pads, masks and liquids.  I would use as directed to avoid any possibility of damaging your skin but it is a good idea to do a patch test and again, start slow and build up to the amount of times per week you want to use these products.

One other thing you might want to try to keep your skin clear is to stop using a flannel or towel on your face and try paper towels that you can chuck away when you are done.  Towels and flannels can hold bacteria and unless you swap them out every day, you run the risk of cross contamination which isn’t great especially if you have acne prone or sensitive skin that flares up.    


I know I have said this before but our skin is amazing! The way it can heal so quickly and how it looks when you are taking care of it (it's generally really forgiving).  I have been using a hydrating cream that my daughter made for me (again, I have mentioned this before) and it has been working wonders for the dark marks under my eyes….I am almost back to not having to use concealer … just need to start getting some early nights (for some reason by brain wants to go into overdrive just as my head hits the pillow ... rolls eyes to ceiling!) and then maybe, just maybe….I can go make-up free (soooo exciting!!!) … So be nice to your skin and take the time to exfoliate (hydrate and moisturise) …. Your skin will love your for it (I love saying that)!https://as-natural-as-you-are.myshopify.com/blogs/mother-daughter-partnership

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