My Skin talks to me .... who knew?

Now, I don’t know about you but my skin lets me know when something's wrong.  Example, if my skin needs moisture it lets  me know by tightening and itching so, on goes the Shea butter.  It tells me when I’ve eaten something dodgy and then,  as if by magic, a rash appears!  I try not to eat that again but then I forget and eat it again … sigh, I never learn.   And ladies, what about when you wear leggings a few sizes too small (or is that just me?) … by the time you take them off at night, the leggings have sucked all the moisture out of your skin which now looks like snake skin! 
Fortunately for me, my skin is very forgiving and can transform a dry scaly patch into ‘beautiful and smooth’, once I’ve lavished it with TLC of course.  My skin can also be really mean (I kid you not!).  Like when it's been hinting for weeks that I should exfoliate and I refuse, then the sun’s out, my legs are on show, I look down and to my horror … my skin's dryer than the Sahara desert even though I just creamed before leaving the house!  Then it's like my skin is saying “I told you…and you thought I was playing…KMT” 
But in all seriousness, how difficult is it to find a moisturiser that truly works for your skin?  They either do the exact opposite of moisturise, are too oily, too expensive, are made up of too many chemicals or they contain about 0.001% of the main ingredient on the label (SMH!).  Thankfully, our blends of Shea butters  seem to be working for so many of you which is definitely a cause for celebration … Let me just do my ‘Jump on It’ victory dance! (Will would be soooo proud!).
Joking aside, the fact that my gut can send messages to my brain which can then manifest as a skin condition, completely blew me away!  The technical term for this intimate threesome is the 'Gut-Brain-Skin Axis'.                     
Some examples of ‘your skin’ talking to you/letting you know what's going on, that you might recognise, are:
Skin: "I said a protective hairstyle" = traction alopecia 
Skin: "You need to get out of the sun right now!" = Sunburn
Skin: "I don’t know what the heck you just consumed, but it's a NO from me"
= Hives/Eczema 
The fact is whatever's bothering you or your body will show up in your skin, eventually!  My most recent conversation with my skin was ….
Skin:"You need more sleep … do you even see those dark circles and why are you still up?"   
Me: … (rolls eyes to the ceiling and carries on watching Bridgerton)… I mean I need to concentrate … the Duke of Hastings is about to take his shirt off … again! 
Ok, I’ve had enough screen time for today, it's late and I’m off to bed … see you next time and remember, Listen to your Skin! x
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